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Rules/What to Bring

-no dark sole shoes

-bring sunblock, hats, glasses, etc.

-sea sick medication if needed

-bring lunch. We provide snacks, water, and all gear needed! If you have a favorite rod, BRING IT!

-No intoxication. Captain reserves the right to terminate trip, with no refund, at any time for the safety and well-being of the crew.

-It’s called fishing not catching, we have all heard this saying. I will work as hard as I can to hook us up on fish, if none are caught, no refund, the longer the trip… increases the success rate.

-Full refund for weather or mechanical cancellations.

-All illegal drugs are prohibited

-Offshore trips not recommended under the age of 12 or for those with motion sickness.

-10-20% gratuity for the captain/crew is customary.

***Our boats are smoke free!***

Off the Hook Charters

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